updates from 3 yr old program

What fun we had in the snow this week! Sledding, shoveling, and learning that snow pants make us go really fast down the slide! We certainly learn new things every day!

This week we read The Mitten By Jan Brett. Nikki’s Baba knits him a new pair of mittens, and just like some of us on the playground, he loses one while playing. But, we see that there’s room for everyone, if we make the room for our friends.

This week in centers…

Sensory Table- Bags, boxes, bells, shredded paper

Art table- Foam trees and snowflakes hand decorated with glitter glue, shapes, and pom poms

Easel- Dot marker mittens

Math Table- Lacing mittens

Pretend Center- Bakery

Playdough- Winter cookie cutters

Listening/Library- Books about winter, and holidays.

Block Area- Blocks, Littlest Pet Shop, dinosaurs

Discovery Table- Hanging “mittens” on clotheslines

Have a wonderful weekend.

Please let us know if you have any questions.


Brenda Daday and Christina Renoni

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