updates from 3 yr old program

Each week our teachers send a re-cap email, to inform parents about the classroom happenings.

Haynes and Tully 3′s

Hello Everyone,


This week was very busy and a lot of fun. The children have had a blast exploring our new activities in the classroom. The new theme (Hawaiian Vacation) at the pretend center had been a big hit. We’ve also been listening to a soundtrack of Hawaiian music during center time and it’s helped add to the atmosphere.




MUSIC: Alphabet Sound Song, Reading Train, Tootie Ta, Wiggly Dance, Freeze Dance, StandUp/Sit Down Song


BOOKS: There Was an Old Woman Who Swallowed a Shell by Lucille Colordro, Pete The Cat- I Love My White Shoes by Eric Litwin.


WRITING: Building with Tinkertoys


ART: Painted Butterfly


EASEL: Painting with dot markers – The Very Hungry Caterpillar


MATH: 1-5 pigs and matching number of pom poms


PLAY DOUGH: Play dough with assorted shaped cookie cutters, scissors and tools


PRETEND CENTER – Hawaiian Vacation


DISCOVERY TABLE: Magna Tiles for building


SENSORY TABLE: The beach-sand, shovels, jewels


Wishing all Moms and Grandmas a wonderful Mother’s Day! Thank you for all the good things you do every day for all the little people in your life.




Sue Tully & Julie Haynes


Kelley/Goddu 3′s

Hi Everyone,

Happy Mother’s Day! I hope you all enjoyed the gifts from your children. They planted zinnia seeds in the butterfly pots for you. They picked a colored bag that they thought you would like too.

New month…..new centers!

Our Pretend Center is now a Fire Station. There are hats, jackets, flashlights and hoses. The kitchen is open for the firefighters to make their meals. There is even a fire for them to put out.

Our Sensory Table now is filled with beans, animals and a farm. The children have been busy feeding the animals by using a spoon to fill little cups with the beans.

Our block area now has a castle, bristle blocks, new puzzles and games too.

Other activities this week included:

Discovery Center: Lite-Brite-the children worked together to put the pegs in to make a turtle.

Math Table: Color sorting using pom poms and tongs

Project Table: Planting the zinnia seeds, decorating bags and wrapping gifts

Art Easel: Butterfly worksheets and dot markers.

Listening Center: The Wonky Donkey by Craig Smith

This week we read Muncha! Muncha! Muncha! by Candace Flemming. The children really enjoyed this story! We also read Spot On The Farm by Eric Hill.

The children ask each day about our classroom caterpillars. They are very interested in what is taking place. You may have heard that the caterpillars have made their chrysalis (cocoon). We talked about the changes taking place inside the shell.

Mrs. Kelley

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