updates from 3 yr old program

What did we do this week in the 3’s?


Morning Circle: This week, we read 5 Little Pumpkins, by Dan Yaccarino. The children did a great job acting out the story. Ask them to show you! We also did some singing and dancing. Dancing with scarves to the Color Song is a class favorite!




Please label all outerwear (coat, hat, mittens) with your child’s name. ALSO- please send your child with MITTENS, NO GLOVES PLEASE. We have lots of hands to get covered up for cold weather, and mittens are much easier for children to manage. Lastly, please remember to have your child use the bathroom (even if they just went at home)/ change wet pull-ups before entering the classroom. This will reduce first-thing bathroom trips and allow the children to have their full center time to play and learn. THANK YOU FOR YOUR COOPERATION!


Here is what’s happening in CENTERS:


Block Area- Duplo blocks, cars and road mat, click connectors


Math Table- Unifix cubes- students matched the cubes to pattern mats and had fun stacking them together


Writing Table- Chalk boards, chalk and erasers


Sensory Table- Pom Pom Pumpkin Patch


Playdough- Making pumpkin faces


Pretend Center- Vet Office- The students are doing a great job taking care of the animals!


Discovery Center- STEM CHALLENGE- build a gate that can hold 5 pumpkins


Library and Listening Center- Books about pumpkins, fall and feelings


Easel- Dot Marker Pumpkin Patch


Art Table- 5 Little Pumpkins coloring and sticker activity




Your teachers,


Brenda Daday & Christina Renoni




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