updates from 3 yr old program

Each week our teachers send a re-cap email, to inform parents about the classroom happenings.

Haynes and Tully 3′s

Hello All,

These weeks are flying by so quickly. We were very busy in the classroom these two days, checking out some of the new centers as well as decorating their Valentine’s bags. Here are the activities we had at the centers this week.

Math Table~ Big wooden pegs and peg boards

Discovery Table~ We put out the light table along with translucent colored letters and blocks. They loved making cool structures and did a great job working together. to build them.

Sensory Table~ Arctic animals, and Styrofoam blocks, packing peanuts and duplo blocks

Art~ They all decorated their Valentines bags with heart stickers. Today they painted Valentines pictures with watercolors

Writing Table~ Blue snowflake sheets with white dot stickers

Easel~ Pompom painting hearts. They are all now hanging up in the hallway ……check them out next week.

Pretend~ The kids have been very busy taking orders, making flowers arrangements for their friends and teachers.

The Listening Center~ The Chimpansneeze By Aaron Zenz

Play doh~ Purple with heart cookie cutters

Books: Spot goes to the Farm By Eric Hill

Bear sees COLORS By Karma Wilson

Music: Number Rock

Wiggle your Fingers

Stand up, Sit Down

Freeze Dance

Wiggling Dance

We hope you all have a wonderful weekend, see you all on Thursday!!!

Warm Regards,

Julie & Sue

Kelley and Goddu 3′s 

Hi All,

Our centers in our classroom have changed for February. Our Pretend Center is now a Construction Site. It has been very busy with lots of building and hammering going on. The “3′s Construction Crew” was on the move today. Many workers were looking for things to fix and doing “repairs” all around our classroom. Hard hats were worn as they carried tool boxes to their job sites.

Our Sensory Table is now filled with ramps & tubes with tennis balls, golf balls, pom poms and marbles. This was very a very popular place! The children enjoyed testing out the tubes and ramps.

Other activities in our classroom included:

Discovery Center: Sensory Bottles

Math Table: Geo Boards

Art Easel: Heart Painting…..paper rolls shaped hearts were used to make beautiful paintings.

Project Table: Valentine Wreaths-the children worked hard removing the backs off of the heart stickers and creating beautiful wreaths.

Writing Center: Letters and coloring pages.

We read The Hug Machine by Scott Campbell & Valentine Mice! by Bethany Roberts.

Just a reminder:

Valentine’s Day Info ❤

We are celebrating Valentine’s Day at school on Thursday, February 14th. We will be exchanging valentines in our classroom. We have 13 children in our class. As far as delivering cards it is easiest if you send in the valentines just signed by who it is from and leave the “to” blank. We are a nut-free school and are asking that food and candy not be sent with the valentines. Stickers, tattoos, pencils, etc are a good alternative if you would like.

Also, please send in a Valentine mailbox for your child. You can make this out of a box (tissue box/shoebox) or bag. Please make sure to put your child’s name on their mailbox. Feel free to even put their picture on it. Have fun making it!

Have a wonderful weekend!


Mrs. Kelley

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