updates from 4 yr old program

Hi All,

What a great week we had at school. Lots of celebrating going on….birthdays on Monday and Tuesday followed by a Valentine’s Celebration today. We started today by sitting in a circle and taking turns delivering valentines to our friends. After a shortened Center Time, we went upstairs to Fellowship Hall where our school dance took place. The children danced and even did the limbo. We came back downstairs and had snack. Snack included a heart sugar cookie and the children were able to frost it and add some sprinkles too. I think this quote from a child in our class sums up our day “This was the best day ever!”

Other activities in our class this week included:

Project Table: Valentine Wreaths-the children worked hard peeling the backs off of the heart stickers to create a beautiful wreath. Since snow was coming on Tuesday, we also had a snowman craft. Some children made snowmen, others made penguins and even a kitty cat was made out of the pieces!

Art Easel: Octopus Dot Art & Valentine Watercolor Paintings

Math Table: Geoboards

Writing Table: Chalkboards, Letter O Worksheets, Valentine coloring sheets

Discovery Table: Sensory Bottles & Back by popular demand…..marshmallows and toothpicks to build with

Listening Center: The Hug Machine by Scott Campbell

We read The Missing Mitten Mystery by Steven Kellogg.

Mr. Chuck was in on Tuesday and read Earl The Squirrel by Don Freeman.

Just a reminder that next week is February Vacation so we will not have school. Have a wonderful week off & I will see you on Monday, February 25th.


Mrs. Kelley

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