updates from 4 yr old program

Hi Everyone,

We had a great week in our classroom!

Activities included:

Art Easel:  We painted leaves with metallic watercolors.  The easel was very busy!  The children did a great job waiting for a turn to paint.

Discovery Table:  Magnifying Glasses with leaves, acorns and bark to examine.  This was a hit!  The children loved looking at the items with the magnifying glasses.

Project Table:  This week our project tied in with our letter of the week.  The children were able to make the letter A by gluing two big lines and one little line on their paper.  Then they turned the A into an alligator.  I loved seeing the creativity!  The amount of teeth & eyes varied on each one!

Math Table:  There were fish bowl counting mats.  Each fish bowl had a number on it and the children counted out that number of fish and put them on the mat.

Writing Table:  A Worksheets & chalkboards.

The book we read this week was Animal Strike At The Zoo. It’s True! by Karma Wilson.  Today, we listened to the book The Legend of Spookley The Square Pumpkin by Joe Troiano.  In case you are interested, the movie of this story is on the Disney Channel Friday at 12:00.

Mr. Chuck came in on Tuesday and read Stick Man by Julia Donaldson.

Looking ahead to next week, Show & Tell for letter B will be on Tuesday.

Have a great weekend!


Mrs. Kelley

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