Updates from Mixed Age program

Hi Everyone,

We had a great week in our classroom. The children are doing a great job with our letter of the week. They are recognizing the letter and very proud to make the letter sound!

Here is what went on in our classroom this week:

We read Little Penguin Gets The Hiccups by Tadgh Bentley. We also listened to the story of Little Penguin Stays Awake by Tadgh Bentley. The children really enjoyed these books!

Discovery Center: We made sensory bags. The children worked hard to squeeze the gel in their bag and then chose different objects to put in their bags. This was a hit! There were letters, all different beads, straws and pom poms.

Math Table: Fishing For Numbers. There was a fishing rod to catch numbered fish. The children worked on identifying the number they caught and color matching by putting the fish in the correct color boat.

Art Easel: Painting with winter cookie cutters. We started the week with snowman cookie cutters and ended with snowflakes. The children pressed the cookie cutter into white paint and then onto their paper. There was also chalk to use to decorate their picture.

Project Table: Soda bottle snowflakes. We used the bottom of the bottle to make snowflakes. We also made jelly fish. The children worked hard at decorating their jelly fish. Some fish were even wearing “eye shadow”, “lipstick” and “blush”. The children worked hard at threading the ribbon through the holes.

Writing Table: Letter J Worksheets, assorted paper and snowflake worksheets.

Mr. Chuck came in to visit us on Tuesday. He read Otis by Janie Bynum. It was a very cute story about a pig that did not like to get dirty.

We will have Show & Tell for Letter K on Tuesday & Wednesday next week.

Just a reminder that we do not have school on Monday. Have a wonderful long weekend!

Mrs. Haynes & Mrs. Kelley

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