Updates from Mixed Age program


We wanted to thank you all for taking the time to come in for conferences on Monday. It was nice to have the opportunity to sit down together to discuss your children.

We were glad to see everyone after our Snow Day on Tuesday! It was a short but busy week in our classroom.

The children were very excited about the new centers for December.

Our Pretend Center has changed to a Post Office. There was stationary, cards, envelopes, writing utensils and stamps. The children were very busy making mail!

The Sensory Table is filled with magna-tiles and jingle bells.

We also have foam blocks, calico critters & a basic building skill kit in our Block Area.

Other activities in our classroom this week were:

Math Table: Styrofoam wreaths with golf tees and elastics. This was a very popular place this week. The children were strumming the elastics & talking about the different sounds that they were hearing. There were thin and thick elastics and they were noticing the different sounds each made.

Discovery: Popsicle sticks and cups to build with.

Project Table: Gingerbread Project-be sure to watch for it on our Bulletin Board! Lots of creativity going on here!

Art Easel: Painting with bows

We read the book The Gingerbread Man….the children enjoyed reciting the Gingerbread Man’s lines throughout this book.

On Wednesday, we had our monthly visit with Miss Michelle from Oak Knoll. She talked about what animals do in the winter: hibernate, dormant, migrate. We were able to touch the fur of a raccoon, rabbit, deer & skunk. Please be sure to ask your children about the Madagascar Hissing Cockroach that came to visit us.

The children worked really hard at putting on their snow gear at school this week. This is a great skill to practice at home too. They are very proud when they do it on their own! To make things easy for them please send snow pants & snow boots in a separate reusable shopping bag labeled with their name. It is difficult if their snow gear is in their backpack.

Next week, Show & Tell will be for letter H.

Have a great weekend!

Mrs. Haynes & Mrs. Kelley

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