updates from enrichment 4′s program

Hello All,

WOW what a busy week we had in our classroom. We had a visitor each day and lots of new activities in the classroom to explore!!!

Here is what we did!!!

Math Table~ Numbered stocking 1-10 and clothespin to attach to the twine.

Discovery Table~ Mini marshmallows and toothpicks. They enjoyed building little snowmen people, shapes and structures.

Art~ A secret project and watercoloring a gingerbread cookie sheet or an ornament picture. They painted so nicely and really took their time.

Writing ~ Hand Writing Without Tears magna doodles and chalk and chalk boards.

Easel~ Painting trees with a paper towel tube dipped in green paint.

Sensory Table~ Magna Tiles, magnetic wands and jingle bells

Pretend Center~ Is now a bake shop with aprons to wear, cookies, muffins, tea cups and a coffee maker to use. We also have a tree and a Menorah at the center!! Everyone enjoyed making yummy treats for their teachers and classmates.

Listening Center~ Peanut Butter and Jellyfish By Jarrett J. Krosoczka

Would you Rather?   Would you rather have an otter or an octopus in your bathtub?  Otter 5 Octopus 6

Our visitors each day!!!

Miss Marini from Music Together has started our next enrichment session. They all had a blast and loved the songs she sang. They played the Reindeer Pokey, danced to Jingle Bells and Jingle Bell Rock while having bell bracelets attached to their wrists and ankles. Miss Marini played the Dreidel song on her guitar while the kids each got to spin a wooden dreidel around on the rug. They also danced around holding a streamer in each hand  to some fun holiday music. Miss Marini had a big bag full of instruments and dumped them out so everyone could play along as she put some music on. They absolutely loved this and enjoyed playing the maracas, triangles, bongos and bells along to the music that was playing in the background. To end our time she had them all lay on the rug and sang a lullaby to them. They had such a great time and loved every minute of their time with her!!!

Mr. Chuck came in and read on Tuesday. The book he read was very silly and it was called Ten Gallon Bart By Susan Stevens Crummel

Miss Michelle came in today and talked about animals in winter.

            Active winter animals; Owls, Deer and squirrels

Migrate: Butterflies, geese

Hibernate: Bats, woodchucks, groundhogs and frogs (frogsicles; their bodies                            freeze and their heart rate slows way down until the warmer weather)

Dormant: Bears and raccoons

Miss Michelle also brought pelt from a deer, a raccoon, a rabbit and a skunk. They all enjoyed being able to touch and feel the different types of fur. At the end Miss Michelle let them meet Cookies and Cream a little mouse from Oak Knoll. She put him in a little Scooter Pet Ball and let him roll around the circle we had made. They thought he was cute and they loved just watching him and seeing him roll around the rug. Always  a fun time!

We hope you all have a wonderful weekend……..stay warm!!!!


Julie and Sue

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