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Pre-K 1 - Weekly update - W/O 2/11/19

Hello Everyone,

Happy Valentines Day! We had a fun time yesterday with other classrooms at our Valentines dance. The children were showing off those dance moves. Today they did a fantastic job exchanging valentines with their friends. They enjoyed munchkins at snack and ice cream with whip cream and sprinkles at lunchtime!

Reminders: Please label all snow gear and bags. Some children are unsure of what belongs to them and we don’t want to send home items that don’t belong to your child.

Reading Street: Our reading street book this week was TheSeals on the Bus by Lenny Hort. Following the format of the favorite preschool song The Wheels on the Bus, this picture book is a loud and happy road trip on a bus full of animals of all kinds. Our amazing words were bus, town, seals, monkeys, party, and vipers.

SHOW-N-TELL: Our letter of the week when we come back from vacation will be “W”. Please bring in one item from home that starts with the letter “W” on Thursday.

This week in our centers:

Dramatic Play: Dramatic play has been transformed into a post office. The children have been busy writing letters and delivering mail. Be on the look out in the “real” mail. We hope you received your special mail from your child. They were so proud of themselves!
Math: At the math table the children made colorful patterns with hearts.

Discovery table: At the discovery table the children did two experiments. The first experiment was observing what happened to the colors of the skittles when we added drops of warm water on them. Today we did a magic milk experiment with two heart shaped pans filled with milk, food coloring and dawn dish soap. The children dipped a q-tip in the dish soap and then in the milk with food coloring. I encourage you to ask them what they observed.

Art Table: At the art table the children decorated their valentines bags using stickers and stamps.

Easel: At the easel the children made the letter E using envelopes.

Sensory Table: In the sensory table for the month of February we have white rice, tooth cutouts, letter cards, dry erase markers, and tooth brushes. The children pick a letter card, write the letter on the tooth and erase it with the toothbrush.

If you have any questions or concerns please don’t hesitate to ask. My email is barb0417@msn.com

Have a great vacation week!

Warmly,Mrs. Travers & Mrs. Renoni

Pre-K 2 - Weekly update - W/O 2/11/19

Hello Pre K Families,

We had a great week! The children had a fantastic time at our Valentines Dance Party and loved exchanging Valentines today!

This is what went on in the centers this week!

Dramatic Play- The Pet care center is a very busy place. There has been a waiting list to get in each day!

Play dough- This month the playdough is bright pink with glitter. There are empty valentine chocolates containers to be filled with creations.

Discovery table- This week we had View Masters and many, many slides to look at. I have to say I was pleasantly surprised at how much the children loved this!

Art Easel-This week the children painted doily hearts and when they lifted them off the paper, what remained was a beautiful heart stenciled on the paper.

Sensory Table- The table was filled with many different tactile experiences all with a Valentine’s theme.

Art Table- This week at the art table the children created their own Valentines designs, using crayons, stickers, decorative tape and stickers. Also made B- Bee

The Reading Street book this week was –Henny Penny retold by-Cass OKeefe.

Henny Penny thinks the sky is falling when an acorn falls from a tree and hits het on the head. She and her friends run to tell the king and queen the sky is falling, but the sly Foxy Loxy tries to trick them into his cave instead.

Letter of the week when we get back from vacation is P. Show and tell on Tuesday.

Mrs. Vivar and I wish you a very happy and healthy vacation and will see you in a week.


Robin Pascal


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