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Pre-K 1 – Weekly update – W/E 10/19/18


Hello Everyone,


What a chilly week we have had!  As the weather gets colder please remember to have your child come to school with a hat and mittens.  It is helpful to have your child’s hat and mittens placed in their sleeve of their coat at drop off!

Clip Up Chart: Many of you have inquired about the clip up chart this week.  There are 7 areas on our clip up chart, Awesome, Great Job, Good Day, Ready to Learn, Slow Down, Teacher Choice, and Parent Contact.  Each day everyone starts on Ready to learn.  They have the opportunity to clip up or down depending on how there day is going.  We will only contact you if your child clips down to parent contact.

Assessments: I have started doing assessments this week with a few children.  This is a great opportunity for me to sit down with your child and have some one on one time.  Some of them really look forward to their turn!


SHOW-N-TELL: The letter of the week is “C” please have your child bring ONE item from home that starts with the letter “C” on Thursday.


Reading Street: Our reading street book this week was Cassie’s Word Quilt by Faith Ringgold.  This book took us on a tour of Cassie’s home, neighborhood, and school.  They especially enjoyed looking at Cassie’s classroom and finding similarities with ours!


This week in our centers:

Dramatic Play: Our dramatic play center will remain a household for the entire month of October. There are baby dolls, a high chair, a stroller, play food and dishes, iron and vacuum.


Math: At the math table there were laminated apple cards and a set of pictures.  The children had to match the set of pictures to the cards.


Discovery table: At the discovery table today we did an “Apple Taste Test”.  Each child tried a yellow, green, and red apple and picked their favorite.  We made a chart and the class favorite was a Green Granny Smith apple!


Easel: At the easel the children painted with Pom-Poms using Purple paint for letter “P”.


Art Table: At the art table the children made beautiful apple prints!


Sensory Table: In our sensory table this month we have pine pellets, leaves, containers, funnels, tongs, and scoops. I also added a tractor and pinecones.

If you have any questions or concerns please don’t hesitate to ask. My email is barb0417@msn.com

Have a great Weekend!


Mrs. Travers  & Mrs.Renoni


Pre-K 2 – Weekly update – W/E 10/19/18 

Hello Pre K Families,

It looks like fall in and around the Pre-K room. Our bulletin board looks great, thanks to the children and the wonderful pumpkins they painted!

You may have heard that I have started doing assessments this week. I really enjoy getting to sit down with each one of your children, for some one on one time!

The letter of the week was E. We had a successful show and tell. The children learn how to sign the letter each week. Ask them to show you the letter E! They are also learning to sign the days of the week. Thus far, they have learned Sunday, Friday, Wednesday.

***Next week is letter H, show and tell for the letter H is on Tuesday!*****

This is what is going on in our centers!

Dramatic Play- The children are still loving their Apple and Pumpkin stand.

Math Table- This week at the math table the children worked on pumpkin seed counting books. They had to glue pumpkin seeds to each page to correspond to the number on the pumpkin.

Art Easel- There was paper at the easel with just 2 google Eyes, the children had to use their imagination to draw something around the eyes. Such creativity!

Monday and Tuesday with paint and Wednesday and today with markers and crayons.

Discovery Table-

The children had a chance to make a Pumpkin Life Cycle bracelet. They used colorful beads to represent each phase of a pumpkins life cycle. White bead represents seed, green bead is sprout, yellow bead for the flower, green bead for the green pumpkin that will turn to…orange pumpkin!

The children could also scoop out the seeds from 2 pumpkins using a spoon or their hands!

Art Table- Letter E crafts were… Elmo and Elephant crafts. Also leaf paintings

This weeks Reading Street book was… “A Rainbow All Around Me” by Sandra Pinkney. The many colors of the rainbow are presented as “colors are you colors are me”. For each color , a photo display with captions shows the color in action. Vocabulary words were- colors, rainbow ,barefoot, moving, falling and sticking. We discussed the difference between an illustration and a photograph.

Reading Street Song to go with book- “Colors of the Rainbow”

Reading Street Song for E- “ Let’s Let’s , Let’s Pretend”

I am pasting an article about the importance of PLAY! There are many benefits!


As always please email me with any questions/concerns

Have a great weekend!

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