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Pre-K 1 - Weekly update - W/O 12/3/18

Hello Everyone,

We had a fun week! Ms. Michelle from Oak Knoll came in on Wednesday and taught a lesson on what animals do in the winter.  The children really enjoyed it!

Reading Street: Our reading street book this week was Somebody Stole My Smile by Carmen Tafolla.  This book is all about how things grow and change.  The little girl in the story looses her first tooth and learns that many things grow and change.  Our amazing words this week were new, old, changes, growing, mirror, and supper.

SHOW-N-TELL: The letter of the week is “K”.  Please have your child bring in ONE item that starts with the letter “K” on Thursday.

This week in our centers:

Dramatic Play: For the month of December our dramatic play area has transformed into a gingerbread bakery.  The children have been busy baking and decorating gingerbread cookies!

Math: At the math table the children had the opportunity to use geo boards and rubber bands to create different shapes.

Discovery table: At the discovery table the children were busy using magnetic shapes for building. They even realized that magnets could attach to the metal legs of the table and were very creative!

Easel: At the easel the children painted with q tips and added dots to their letter D.  They also had the opportunity to paint with bows.

Art Table: At the art table the children created “gift collages”.  They looked through magazines for items they wanted their family to have this holiday season!  They used scissors to cut out items and glued them to paper.

Sensory Table: The sensory table is a wrapping station for the month of December.  The children are strengthening their fine motor skills by using scissors to cut wrapping paper and using tape to wrap up boxes.  They enjoy wrapping “gifts” for their friends and teachers!

If you have any questions or concerns please don’t hesitate to ask. My email is barb0417@msn.com

Have a great weekend!


Mrs. Travers


Mrs. Renoni


Pre-K 2 - Weekly update - W/O 12/3/18

Hello Pre K Families,


The letter of the week was C . We call it a magic C, because once you learn to make a letter C, you can make so may other letters! I introduced the children to the magic C bunny, ask them about it!


Next Letter is O, show and tell for letter O is on Tuesday.

Miss Michelle form Oak Knoll came in and talked to the children about what animals do in the winter. They are either active, migrate or hibernate.

This is what went on in the centers this week!


Art Easel- This week the children used matchbox Cars to paint with. Tuesday and Wednesday the children designed and painted their own wrapping paper and you can see it on display on our bulletin board ( along with some special gifts popping out of a holiday box!)


Discovery Table- This week at the table there were 10 locks and 10 sets of keys. The children had to try and unlock all of the locks.


Art Table- This week at the art table the children could make a C-caterpillar using pom poms and a Caterpillar using paper circles. They also made gingerbread man ornaments.


Sensory Table- We have snow in the sensory table!! There are all kinds of animals also in the table.


Dramatic Play- This month there is a gift wrap center. The children have an opportunity to wrap a boxed gift for anyone in the classroom. The gifts are pieces of paper with a feeling or word about that friend written down. Some of the words used are – friend, love, kind, caring, funny and nice. The children love opening the boxes, and better yet giving the boxes.


Hopefully this explains the slips of paper coming home with a word and another child’s name!

Reading Street- A House for Hermit Crab by Eric Carle- Vocabulary words were-crab, shell, decorate, inside, empty and outgrown.

This story is about a hermit crab that decorates his shell so that he thinks his house is perfect. Then, when he outgrows his shell, he doesn’t want to leave his friends. We discussed main character, author and illustrator. We talked all about the plot of a story. A plot has three parts, ask your child and see if they can remember!!



Reading Street book song- I’m a Little Hermit Crab”


Letter of the week song- Can you sit on a Cot?


As always please email me with any questions/concerns




Robin Pascal








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