Updates from Pre-K program

Pre-K 1 - Weekly update

Hello Everyone,

Another fun and busy week has been spent in our classroom. On Thursday we had a farewell party for our friend Ella who will be starting in the Enrichment class on Tuesday. We celebrated with her while enjoying pink cupcakes and a dance party with the musical instruments on the music cart.

Thank you to Mrs. Lay for substituting for me today. She reported that they had shaving cream and rubber ducks on the play dough table and played twister during indoor recess.

What We Did This Week:

Mr. Chuck – This week we listened to Otis by Janie Bynum. It was a story about a pig who loved to be clean.

Pretend Center- Birthday Party – Materials to celebrate Dottie Dog’s birthday this month.

Math- Counting Fish Mats 1-10 with assorted colored fish

Play Dough –Peppermint scented play dough to make snowmen with hats, carrot noses, stick arms, buttons & beads

Discovery – This week the children searched the classroom with clipboards for all 26 letters of the alphabet that are hidden around the room

Writing – Tracing, cutting & coloring shapes, journals-drawing pictures and writing

Art– Multi colored mitten monoprints

Easel–Polar bear paintings with a combination of white paint, glue & shaving cream

Sensory – Wood chips & animals

Listening – Five Little Monkeys Reading in Bed by Eileen Christelow

Books – What Are Germs (Thank you Claire), A Little Spot of Kindness by Diane Alber, The Mitten by Jan Brett, Chicka Chicka 123 by Bill Martin, Jr.

Music – Good Morning Pre-K Friends, Days of the Week, January Song, Wiggle Your Fingers, Stand Up/Sit Down, Bear Hunt, Listen & Move, Hamster Dance, Tootie Ta, Get Back Up Again & Can’t Stop the Feeling (Trolls), Chicken Dance,

Reading Street – Merry Mama Mouse & Grandma Mole– Letter M

Pre-K 2 - Weekly update 

Hello Pre K Families,

Please be sure to send a hat and mittens with your child every day! We do have school items available to borrow if they are forgotten.

This is what went on in the centers this week!

Dramatic Play- The Pet Care center is a popular center and the children are loving taking care of all the animals. They are also pretending to be animals too!

Playdough- The children love making snowmen with the white glitter playdough, adding a hat, eyes, carrot nose and scarf.

Art Easel- Puffy paint snowmen.

Discovery Table- To expand on our Reading Street book, the children were given a white egg that had been soaked in Cola . Their job was to use a toothbrush and toothpaste to clean the damage from the sugary drink! We talked about foods that make teeth happy and foods that make teeth sad.

Art Table- G is for Giraffe, G is for Gumball machine.

The Reading Street book this week was “Somebody Stole My Smile!” by Carmen Tafolla. Our reading selection this week was all about how things grow and change. The girl in our story is growing up. She lost her first tooth. She learns that many things grow and change.

Reading Street song- I lost a Baby Tooth!

G-Song- Get Going Get Going.

Next week letter of the week is S- Show and tell on Tuesday.

As always please email me with any questions/concerns.

Have a wonderful long weekend!


Robin Pascal

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