Updates from Pre-K program

Pre-K 1 - Weekly update

Hello Everyone,

Our time together was very short this week, but we look forward to a full week ahead. Thank you all for sending your child with what they need to play on our snowy playground. They do an excellent job getting dressed in their cold weather gear. In an effort to keep everyone organized and to ensure that they all go home with their own snow clothes each day, please provide your child with a reusable bag to carry their boots, snow pants, etc. Some of you are already doing this and we thank you!

What We Did This Week:

Pretend Center- This month the children are baking in the kitchen-pretend muffins and cookies.

Math- The children measured items by unifex cubes/measuring tape.

Play Dough –Gingerbread play dough with gingerbread man cookie cutters and decorations.

Discovery – Multicultural faces matching game.

Writing – Christmas cards, Christmas stampers & ink pads.

Easel– Red & green dot painting

Art– Painting with q-tips on holiday lights, painting with scrub brush to make holiday wreath.

Sensory – rice, gingerbread men, bells, pom poms to scoop and manipulate.

Listening – The Koala Who Could by Rachel Bright

Books – Frozen Christmas(thank you Claire), 12 Days of Christmas by Jan Brett (thank you Molly), Alphabet Under Construction Denise Fleming.

Music – Good Morning Pre-K Friends, Days of the Week, Letter J Song, December Song, Hamster Dance, Stand Up/Sit Down, Bear Hunt, Listen & Move.

Reading Street – Jump, Jump, Jump for Joy – Letter J

Pre-K 2 - Weekly update 

Hello Pre K Families,

It was so nice to get the chance to sit done with you and discuss your child at our conference. It is a nice way to check in with each other and I am always happy to do it! Thank you for your time, as I know you are all busy!

Due to conferences and our snow day it was a short and sweet week!

Art Easel- The children painted with bows.

Sensory Table- We have snow in the sensory table!! There are all kinds of animals also in the table.

Art Table- This week at the art table the children colored ornaments.

Dramatic Play- This month there is a gift wrap center. The children have an opportunity to wrap a boxed gift for anyone in the classroom. The gifts are pieces of paper with a feeling or word about that friend written down. Some of the words used are – friend, love, kind, caring, funny and nice. The children love opening the boxes, and better yet giving the boxes.

Hopefully this explains the slips of paper coming home with a word and another child’s name!

Our play dough is glitter red this month and smells like peppermint!

Next letter is the magic C! We call it magic C because once you learn to write a C, you can make many other letters! Show and tell TUESDAY for letter C.

Have a wonderful weekend


Ms. Pascal and Mrs. Vivar

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