“We are so incredibly pleased with the excellent feedback we’ve received from our daughter’s Kindergarten teacher about how incredibly prepared she was to become a student after attending the Pre-K program at Jack & Jill with Mrs. Finn.  We believe there isn’t a better place in the area than Jack & Jill to have our children get their early education!”

The Salzman Family

“Jack and Jill has exceeded my expectations and has become an
extension of our family. It has truly been the best decision I have ever made!”

The Flynn Family

“Jack and Jill has given my family a sense of community. The staff’s care and
compassion is unmatched! I wouldrecommend Jack and Jill to any family with a pre-schooler.”

The Coddaire Family

“My son blossomed at Jack and Jill! He arrived as a shy 3 year old, and left a
confident 5 year old ready to take on the challenges of Kindergarten!”

The Geysen Family

“My son grew both socially and academically in the Pre-K program! I have been so impressed with his transition to elementary school and know that skills he learned at Jack and Jill have been the key to his success!’

The Hudon Family

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